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Lauren posing for a photo shoot

Lauren has been writing music since the age of 10 with her first piece being a classical piece for piano, flute and cello. After she'd written a few piano pieces, when she was 14, she began to write mostly folk and pop songs using her guitar (her sister taught her how to play guitar).  Her first gig was in a cafe in Brisbane, Australia at the age of 18. She's been gigging ever since and has recorded two albums of original music (2012 and 2019). It's hard to categorise Lauren's music as she has so many influences including music from the soul, pop, jazz, folk, classical and blues genres.

Lauren is currently writing country/folk and jazz music for a publisher!

Lauren can help with lyrics, melodies, chords (the music) arrangements and can teach piano/guitar at the same time as a songwriting instrument. Please contact Lauren for more info on what she can offer.

*See 'Singer Songwriter' tab to hear examples of her music!

All ages.

Online or you come to me!

Contact Lauren for more info and prices!

Recording with top London producer, Troy Miller
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