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Lauren can train the voice and musicianship of anyone of any age and with a variety of experience. Whether you wish to pursue singing as a hobby or want to develop your existing skills as a professional performer, Lauren is equipped to help you find and maintain your voice.

With a friendly, fun and holistic approach, Lauren works at your speed with technique (breathing, support and placement) and also, if they want, works with students to improve basic piano, guitar, theory, performance and songwriting skills. 

Lauren is an experienced singing teacher who offers guidance in the development of a range of vocal and performance skills including:

  • contemporary vocal technique (posture, breathing, tone, pitch, extending your range, smoothing the break etc);

  • finding your own voice;

  • confidence;

  • projecting your voice (for speaking also);

  • voice maintenance & recovery;

  • complete beginner to advanced singers;

  • performance, stage, mic & sound skills;

  • musicality & understanding music;

  • improvisation;

  • piano/guitar accompaniment; and

  • theory and songwriting.

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All ages.

Online, come to me in North London, or we go to a studio.

Contact me for a consultation and prices!

Lauren has a Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, Australia, a Somatic Voice Work certificate, and has trained with many top coaches around the world including:

Kim Chandler - UKs top contemporary vocal coach

Phillip Guy Bromley - Bedales School classical vocal coach

and continues her training in different methodologies and with top teachers.


I wish I had met you sooner.

Adam Carrier (30s)

There’s a definite change in what I’m doing – loving it.

You’re the best singing teacher. Thank you eternally.

Jagtar Behal (30s)

I’ve learned more in 3 minutes with Lauren than I did in 6 months with my last teacher.

Linda Tumataroa (45)

Lauren has an in depth understanding of the voice, not to mention an incredible talent as a vocalist herself which inspires me every time I listen! But what makes me love lessons with Lauren the most is her passion for music. I feel she is genuinely invested in and excited about my development as a vocalist, and this makes learning so much more enjoyable. First class teacher! 

Kit, London (25)

 I love you and I adore all of your creations. To me, your vocal ability, technique, song writing and the sound of your voice is a Masterpiece, Lauren. Beyond proud of you and all you’re doing to make the world hear you. As they ought to. I melt when my ears take you in. Thank you Darling. I’m so grateful to you xoxo

Jo, London (40s)

You're a great teacher...didn't think I would I learn so much in just one lesson! I was apprehensive at first but I'm so glad I did it and stepped out of my comfort zone. You made me feel relaxed and I really enjoyed the lesson :)

Jaya, London (20s)

I've been singing in an amateur rock band for years but have been working with Lauren for the last nine months or so. I thought I was pretty good - but she has helped me improve really significantly - and recognise I still have a long way to go. The feedback from band members and friends has been hugely positive. Lauren is extremely professional, combining a disciplined approach with a bit of fun along the way. She clearly has a lot of technical knowledge and access to a wide range of techniques which are always tailored for what I need. Thoroughly recommend.

Matt Custance, London (40s)

Lauren is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable singing teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. An excellent and inspiring tutor, she will give you the tools you need to develop your vocal abilities, no matter what level you are, complete beginner through to advanced/professional. Having gone through vocal injury herself, Lauren is in a position to identify any potentially bad habits and put in place exercises to prevent those and to strengthen and free up the voice, so as to achieve best results. Friends have commented on how my voice has made progress and I now sing with two gigging bands.

Viesha Tews, London (40s)

You are making a real difference with our son (13), both in voice and confidence.

Stephen, Brisbane Australia

I wanted to let you know that Eliza (10) really enjoyed her time with you and started work straight away on adding verses to her Sunshine song. She’s buzzing with enthusiasm and can’t wait to see you again next Wed.

Kristen – Eliza’s Mum!!

I’ve been Lauren’s student for just under a year now and am continually amazed by her in depth knowledge, dedication to her students and love of music. Before starting lessons with Lauren I sang very poorly and initially sought lessons simply to make my singing palatable at best. In a very short time I have achieved so much more and now have the confidence to sing in front of large groups of people. As a vocal coach Lauren is tenacious in dealing with matters of technique that can be improved to better the sound of the student’s singing voice. But most importantly, in addition to teaching a student how to sing, Lauren will make them WANT to.

Gabriel Buckley (30s)

I started lessons with Lauren a couple of years ago and was completely unable to sing when I started.  Lauren has taught me a great deal with an enthusiastic and engaging personality.  She has now brought me to a level I could only dream of when I started and my confidence has grown to the point where I am now the lead singer/guitarist in a band.  She has a great understanding of each student and is able to work out strategies that best suit each student.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to start singing or develop their potential.

Andrew Clark (50s)