You've found the London Singing Group - where all voices are welcome!

Introducing you to a new way to approach singing - even if you're an absolute beginner. Learn within a safe, fun, and friendly environment. At London Singing Group we work on a number of variables including

 - breath-work

 - breathing and vocal support

 - singing and breathing technique

 - vocal exercises

 - vocal warm-ups

 - vocal range; and

 - fundamental 'tricks-of-the-trade.'


Working on these areas will enable you to strengthen your voice, extend your range, build dynamics, enhance projection, and find your own voice as you grow in confidence as a singer, and a performer in general. 


We sing a wide range of songs using techniques we have learned. We have fun fitting in harmonies, bass lines, musicality, and even some theory (time permitting) and based on your feedback. This is your singing group!


When do we meet up?

Tuesdays from 7:30pm - 9pm London GMT (face to face but a zoom option available)

Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, NW1 0AD

Limited spaces.  Please book your space or ask any questions at to book your place with us.

Or go to

(or simply use the contact page). 


Let's have some fun!

£10 per class! You can pay for one session, then after if you want to join for the month, pay for the rest of the month upfront.


Konrad: LSG is a real highlight of my week. The voice and breathing exercises helped me get rid of a lot of tension I was holding, when singing. Thank you Lauren for making LSG such a fun and effective environment to improve my singing voice!
Regina: I am so happy that I found this LSG sessions online. Lauren brought me back to my own voice, to develop it and be confident in singing. She is a real good teacher and it's a gorgeous group. It‘s really fun!
Robert: The LSG has helped me discover parts of my voice I didn’t know I had, and find those ways of singing that have always eluded me. Not always easy, but always worthwhile.
Leora: LSG is an inspiring singing group, led by Lauren to bring technique and the joy of singing together. I’ve found it a wonderful way to reconnect to my voice and be part of a musical community.
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